Alexander Galloway's Lost Diggers of Weston

Lost to the world for almost 100 years, photos found on glass plates, some listed below, were of WWI Diggers by Alexander Galloway in 1916 just prior to their departure for Europe. They were discovered hidden beneath a house in Weston in 2010.

This fantastic Project has brought so many people together. Towns with Heart & the Sir Edgeworth David Memorial Museum will continue to work with the community to see that our Veterans are remembered.


The Coalfields Local History Association Inc. and Towns with Hearts have assembled biographies of the Diggers who have been identified. We are the University of Newcastle are using this and other data to assemble timelines which tell their life stories in an interactive way. As the timelines are completed, links to them will appear here.

A group of Australian soldiers outside the Criterion Hotel, [1914-1918]