Coalfields Local History Association Inc.

 Cessnock Council Local History 

Each year for over a decade the Cessnock City Council has given the CHG a grant to undertake local history research. It is given on a $ for $ basis and this year our target for twelve months was 30,000 pages, at a cost of $3,000 to pay for stationery (ink, paper, binders, sleeves, pens, etc)

This is an annual project which was commenced in 1997.

Miners' parade in Cessnock, 1986

Miners' parade, Vincent Street, Cessnock, June 1986

Local servicemen during World War 1  

World War 1

With the 100th anniversary of World War One just over twelve months away, we have again commenced producing research pages of the Hunter's involvement in this war, both at home and at the front.

Mostly this project has been unfunded, but in just one year alone the Department of Veteran Affairs gave us a small grant of about $200. 

At different times over the past fifteen years we have undertaken this massive project. This has already resulted in us having arguably the most extensive library of the Hunter's involvement in WW1.

Prior to recommencing this project in January 2013, it already had 8,232 pages of research completed, filling 79 binders and four metres of library shelving.By the end of January 2013, several hundred new pages of research have been added, which should become several thousand by the end of 2013.