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Bushrangers and the Catholic church of long Ago. It is a 70 page page A4 Comb bound book relating a different aspect ob the story of the Bushrangers if the NSW Central Western districts around Bathurst, in the 1860s. It centres around the church’s activities of the Very Rev. Dean McCarthy, popularly known as “Father Tim” (1828-1894). Was compiled by local historian, Brian John Andrews, O.A.M., of the Coalfields Heritage Group – Price $10.00 each. $10.00
Bellbird Mine Disaster of 1923. Produced by the Coalfields Heritage Group – 17 page, A4 comb bound
Is a reproduction of a 1923 fund-raising publication, produced by George W. Rickwood, of the Cessnock Eagle newspaper. Tells of the Bellbird Colliery disaster which took so many lives.
Pit-tops and Prams by Betty Hodges-Linton. A4 soft cover – 161 pages – price $15.00.
A collection of short stories relating many aspects of life in the South Maitland Coalfields. $15.00
Coal Miner's Daughter by Betty Hodges-Linton - A5 soft cover – 128 pages - price $15.00.
A collection of short stories relating the living conditions surrounding Rose Ellen, a coal-miner’s daughter – from aged sixteen onwards, through times of hardship and turmoil within the Cessnock mining community. $15.00
Hunter Valley Catholic History
Consists of a number of chapters devoted to different aspects of the history of the church dating from Dean John Lynch’s services in Maitland and the Hunter from 1838 through to 1862.
Together with other portions of the Diocesan history, in parishes such as Cessnock, Dungog, Maitland, Morpeth and Newcastle, it also lists all priests who served and died in the Hunter.
by Brian J. Andrews, OAM. 186 page A4 comb bound
The (New) Vale Colliery, Lithgow, NSW
The interpretive history of an 1887 Lithgow colliery and its workforce. It lasted just twelve years, but still produced a creditable 450,000 tons of coal, and provided employment for many hundreds of miners, including a future Prime Minister in Sir Joseph Cook.
by Roy A. Smith. 62 page A4 Comb bound $20.00
Mining Fatalities of the Kurri Kurri District - 1891 - 1991 (updated issue)
Provides a list of 444 coal mining industry deaths of men and boys who lived in and around the town of Kurri Kurri, NSW.  Of these, 240 lie buried in the Kurri cemetery and 82 were cremated at the Beresfield crematorium. Whenever possible a paragraph or two provide details of the fatality.
by Ross Pogonoski.  158 A4 pages, comb bound. $16.00
Mining fatalities of the Cessnock district - 1904 - 2004.
Lists and details the fatal mining incidents of 414 coal mining men and boys, who resided in and around the town of Cessnock, who lost their lives in coal mining incidents.   
by Ross Pogonoski.  158 A4 pages, comb bound.                          $14.00
Yellow Billy - The Millfield Terror - Bushranger.
First appeared as a feature story in the July 1990 issue of the Sugarloaf magazines.  A account based purely upon newspaper accounts of the bushranging life of William White (alias Yellow Billy), who was active in the from 1863 to 1867. Was re-published in book form in 1994 to correct a lot of myths and inaccuracies which appeared in various bushranging books produced for the popular market.
by Brian J. Andrews, OAM.                 61 A4 pages, comb bound.                                                                       $ 10.00
The Coal Mines of Newcastle, NSW - Their Rise and Progress - 1890.
Reproduction of a popular 1890 book. Originally appeared as a series of feature articles in the Newcastle Morning Herald. It is presented in two sections - the coal companies and mines in existence, and - those in the course of construction, including those in the South Maitland field.
by George Kingswell.           86 A4 pages, comb bound. $12.00
Motor Road Guide to Northern NSW - 1926c.
A guide book which shows in detail ( 154 strip maps) of all the main motoring roads, including the coastal and tableland routes from Sydney to Brisbane. Along the way all rivers had to be crossed using punts and ferries (including Sydney Harbour), cattle gates had to be opened and closed. A great collection of towns and settlements throughout the entire north - east of NSW are shown, making it a valuable book. At the time the road from Sydney to Newcastle crossed the Hawkesbury at Wiseman's Ferry.
Produced by NSW Gov.Tourism Bureau and the NRMA. 134 A4 pages, comb bound.
Twenty-five Years History - Kurri Kurri Co-operative Society Ltd. 1904 - 1929.
A detailed account, year by year, takes you through the highlights of twenty - five years. Lavishly illustrated with some 41 photographs of its management, employees, and establishments throughout the region, and of events in which it took part.
78 A4 pages, comb bound.
Fifty Years History of Kurri Kurri Co-operative Society Ltd. 1904 - 1954.
A similar book to that published in 1929 (first 25 years), but in less detail. Contains 36 pages of the society's
Executive, employees, and establishments at Kurri Kurri, Weston, Abermain, Pelaw Main and Maitland.
55 A4 pages, comb bound.
The Toronto Sensation case - 1899.
Published in July 1991 as part of the Sugarloaf series. Takes readers down the path of newspaper accounts of this 1899 event which made the headlines of the day. It is the story of the inquest, trial, and re­trial of the son of awealthy, influential Newcastle settler, who was charged with the poisoning murder of his illegitimate nine month old Ashton/Murrell son at Toronto.
by Brian J, Andrews, OAM. 32 A4 pages, comb bound. $8.00
Hunter Earthquake of 1868.
Published in March, 1990, just months after the Newcastle earthquake of 1989. A compilation of news reports from all over the , particularly at Newcastle and Maitland.
by Brian J.Andrews, OAM. 24 A4 pages, comb bound
Maps of British Isles Counties - 1910.
Reproductions of detailed county maps appearing throughout Nelson's 1910 Encyclopedia (British). Contains 156 county maps of England, Scotland and Ireland. An excellent guide for those seeking to know where their ancestors came from in the British Isles.
160 A4 pages, comb bound.
Bucketty to Brunkerville - A tour guide.
Provides brief details of the early settlements and settlers of the Wollombi and Mulbring districts. Takes the traveller on a tour, highlighting places of interest to be seen, from Bucketty to Millfield, and then from Oakvale to Mount Vincent.
by Carl Hoipo and Brian J. Andrews, OAM. 40 pages, comb bound.
A Brief History of the Mulbring Valley - A tour guide.
Published in May 2000 - was originally the Mulbring portion of the Bucketty to Brunkerville book. It takes the traveller out from Maitland, through Oakvale, Buchanan, Richmond Vale, Mulbring, Brunkerville, and Mount Vincent, detailing some 35 places of interest to sec along the way. Also includes a paragraph or two of many of the families who pioneered the region.
by Brian J. Andrews, OAM. 16 A4 pages, comb bound.
East Greta Coal Mining Company.
Reproduction of a 1920s SMH history feature of this pioneer coal company of the South Maitland Coalfields,
with a number of photos of the company's rail line and stations.
14 A4 pages, comb bound.
Sail and Steam - Pearson's travels - emigrant's diaries Of 1878 and 1884.
William Pearson and his young family emigrated to Australia not once but twice. In his own unique style Pearson maintained a daily diary of events, often unable to spell the word he wanted he still went ahead and had a go. The result is extremely interesting, often humorous, but always providing us with an authentic account of life for a family man aboard ship. It is also interesting to compare the travels of the two ships, the Earl Dalhousie three - masted bark sailing ship, and the Angerton, with its steel - hull and steam power assisting its sails. Both accounts provide an interesting account of the hardships our emigrant ancestors had to face - particularly Mrs Pearson who had to put up with the difficulties of pregnancy throughout one of the voyages. Compiled
by Brian J. Andrews, OAM. 44 A4 pages, comb bound. $8.00
A Narrative of the Coal Mines - 1866.
A transcription of a series of feature articles which appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald of 1866. The articles were written by. a travelling journalist as he moved from town to town, interviewing locals and recording his impressions. It is surprising just how many coal mines were in operation outside of Newcastle in those early days of coal mining in the Hunter. The journalist commences this portion at Rix Creek, near Singleton as he travels down through Maitland to Newcastle, recording details of all the mines along the way. by A Travelling Reporter. Compiled by Ross Pogonoski. 28 A4 pages, comb bound. $5.00
Pioneer Sleep - Old Wallsend Cemetery - 1865 to 1896.
The amalgamation of book numbers 1 and 2 of the series. A selected history of the pioneers who lie buried in the old Wallsend cemetery - now a neat park. Originally written as a series of feature articles for the Newcastle Morning Herald in 1902, the author takes the reader on a journey through the earliest days of Wallsend, NSW, the commencement of coal mining there, its pioneers and early settlers, mining fatalities and the birth of coal mining unionism. It is much more than just another cemetery book - it is a less history, written over a hundred years ago by someone who saw it all happen.
Compiled by Brian J. Andrews, OAM. 88 A4 pages, comb bound. $12.00
Pioneer Sleep - Old Hexham (Tarro) Cemetery.
The old settlement of Upper Hexham was time to become known as Tarro. it was here that the old Hexham cemetery was established. Here lie the pioneers of Hexham, Tarro, and Ash Island. the author takes his readers through the days of early settlement, of bushrangers, convicts, and tragic events.
Also included Is a similar account of the formative days of Mayfield, earlier known as Waratah North. Buried within this old St Andrew's churchyard Are many miners from collieries located at Ferndale (Tighes Hill), Waratah and Lambton. It is more than a cemetery book as it recounts the history of a selection of the pioneers who developed those settlements.
Complied by Brian J. Andrews, OAM. 48 A4 pages, comb bound. $5.00
Pioneer Sleep - Newcastle Cathedral Cemetery.
The early history of the port of Newcastle can be Followed through the pages of this special cemetery book, first written as a series of history features in the Newcastle Morning Herald of 1902. The author lived through many of those early years and writes of a selection of the early pioneer settlers who lie buried in the cemetery, also telling of shipping disasters, including that of the Cawarra in 1866. He also touches on bushranging. the military, and the early development of the coal mines.
Compiled by Brian J. Andrews, OAM. 102 A4 pages, comb bound.
Mulbrlng and the Andrews Family.
Written in 1984 for the Andrews Family Reunion at Mulbring. It gives a brief introduction to the life and
family of convict, William Andrews, and the early days of the village of Mulbring. Attached is the full family tree as it was known in 1984 (drawn up by Mrs Joyce Petersen), listing well over a thousand descendants.
by Brian J. Andrews, OAM. 91 A4 pages, comb bound.
Cessnock: 100 Years of Local Government - 1906 - 2006.
A collection of nearly 200 short stories featuring the councillors, aldermen, office staff and others as they were involved on council activities, some humorous, others simply informative of how councils have performed in the pasty 100 years.
by Brian J. Andrews, OAM. 90 pages, comb bound. $12.00
Progressive Cessnock - 150 Years.
150 years of the history of Cessnock district, including the Cessnock Public School. Includes hundreds of the pioneers of Cessnock and district.
by Brian J. Andrews, OAM. 193 pages, comb bound.
Cemetery - Mount Vincent Church.
The first half was written by Jack Delaney in 1982, and the second half is an update by Brian Andrews, as written for the Sugarloaf magazine in 1995. ·
By John W. Delaney & Brian J. Andrews, OAM. 71 A4 pages, comb bound. $10.00
Cemetery - Brunkerville Church.
Produced in 1982 by Jack Delaney.
by John W. Delaney. 27 A4 pages, comb bound. $6.00
James Nixon Brunker.
Written for the Sugarloaf magazine in 1987, this mini - biographical story takes you through the life of this outstanding pioneer who was born in Newcastle in 1832, became a butcher, councillor of Maitland District Council, and politician representing the East Maitland electorate for a quarter of a century. Brunkerville and many suburban streets are named in his honour.
by Brian J. Andrews, OAM. 27 pages, comb bound. 6.00
Attempted Assassination in 1869 - William Knox Child.
An account of one aspect in the life of a colonial pioneer who commenced the Australian sugar industry. As proprietor of the Mount Vincent Estate he went on to become a local magistrate, donated land to build the Mount Vincent church, and became the second warden (mayor) of the Maitland District Council. Then in 1869 he survived being shot during a home invasion, which the press called an assassination attempt. Originally written in 1989 for the Sugarloaf magazine.
by Brian J. Andrews, OAM. 33 pages, comb bound. $6.00
Kurri Kurri Hospital - In the Beginning, 1904 - 05.
The first hospital at Kurri Kurri was the Cottage Hospital, but before commencing it saw a lively and turbulent beginning by the power-seekers of the new settlement. A 1998 talk given for the C.H.G. by Mr Andrews.
by Brian J. Andrews, OAM. 30 pages, comb bound. $6.00
Molly Morgan - Convict to Queen
A factual account of Molly Morgan in England, correcting the errors of many Australian publications which have got it wrong. To complete her story the author has included a summary of her life in Australia as per colonial newspaper accounts.
by F. Mitchell, Published in the UK in 1980. 20 pages, comb bound. $6.00
Souvenir Program of Kurri Kurri District Operatic Society
Reproduction of 1927 theatre program featuring the popular musical comedy "A Runaway Girl." Presented in theatres at both Kurri Kurri and Weston in 1927, is a snap-shot of many of Kurri Kurri's business houses of the time as well as portrait photos of many of the cast.
by Coalfield Heritage Group. 28 pages, comb bound. $5.00
Newcastle Region - History of Geology and Mining Excursion.
Produced in 1992 for the 26th Newcastle Symposium. Takes you on an interesting tour of Newcastle's geological sites.
by David Branagan and Claus Diessel. 34 pages, comb bound. $10.00
Lower - History of Geology and Mining Excursion.
Produced in 1993 for the 27th Newcastle Symposium. Takes you on an interesting tour of the Lower Hunter's geological sites.
by David Branagan and Claus Diessel. 34 pages, comb bound. $10.00
Upper Hunter Region - History of Geology and Mining Excursion.
Produced in 1994 for the 28th Newcastle Symposium. Takes you on an interesting tour of the Upper Hunter's geological sites.
by David Branagan and Claus Diessel. 34 pages, comb bound. $10.00
Lachlan Macquarie - his life and times.
Based on 19th century writings is a collection of information contained on the subjec theld in the Edgeworth David Museum, including comic strips illustrating various exploration made during the Macquarie era. Also contains a comprehensive index.
by Brian J. Andrews. 201 pages, comb bound. $20.00
Tumblebee Journals. Nos. 20 to 27
$2.00 each Tumblebee Journals. Nos.28 & 29 $5.00 each
A Life of Deception - Maitland's Matron Emilie Kaye (formerly Constance Emilie Kent).
Constance Kent in 1865 confessed to murdering her little half - brother five years earlier at Wiltshire when she was just 16 years old. Her sentence of death was changed to gaol for life. After 20 years she was released, changed her name, and emigrated to Australia. She lived nearly 60 years in Australia, half of which were at Maitland, where she lived a new and respectable life, with her past unknown to all. Her life was full of inconsistencies and irregularities. She died in 1844 aged 100 years.
by Brian J. Andrews, OAM 45 pages comb bound $10.00
BETRAYAL - The Newcastle Coal Miners' lockout of 1862.
Relates the story of Australia’s first coal mining Lockout in 1862. This led to the founding of the original coal miners Union to fight injustice.
Interstate recruits to break this mining dispute were hired in South Australia and Victoria by a dishonest A.A. Co. manager, who caused the lockout. These recruits were hired on contracts, thus they sold their homes and everything they owned, and sailed to Newcastle. Once in Newcastle, the manager ignored their contracts, thus this one man completely ruined many families. Fate eventually turned on him in 1876, when he was drowned in a famous shipwreck, while still devising his evil plans.
by Brian J. Andrews, OAM. 56 page, A4 Comb bound $10.00

Pioneer Days
A collection of history feature stories (2500 words each) written each week for the local Independent newspapers distributed throughout Cessnock and Kurri Kurri, commencing in 1999 to date. These feature stories tell of every aspect of the pioneering days of Kurri, Cessnock, Maitland and the Lower Hunter.
Written by Brian J. Andrews, OAM.
Book 1 Stories 1 to 16 (formerly books 1 to 4) $16.00
Book 2 Stories 17 to 32 (formerly books 5 to 8) $16.00
Book 3 Stories 33 to 48 (formerly books 9 to 12) $16.00
Book 4 Stories 49 to 64 (formerly books 13 to 16) $16.00
Book 5 Stories 65 to 80 (formerly books 17 to 20) $16.00
Book 6 Stories 81 to 98 (formerly books 21 to 24) $16.00

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